EMAG has the resources to provide EBOLA screening, diagnosis, treatment, containment and disposal to high risk areas.  The following are two compound configuration examples that are completely customizable and portable, if required:











EBOLA Contagious Illness Screening Center










NexusPod™ Clinics:












Given the current Ebola crisis in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, EMAG’s mobile hospital, clinic, recovery, hotel, support and command center buildings can provide robust, international, sphere standard accredited solutions (EMAG Ebola Treatment and Recovery Compound’s Click – your call but you already have the drafts that can be put in place under Marketplace Compounds) that can be rapidly deployed for treatment and management centers. We are working with multi-lateral agencies and governments to support planned interventions into the outbreak areas.














With Ebola now in developed countries it is important to put the proper resources in place for the long term. The cost of having healthcare workers staying home, closing of emergency rooms, implementation sanitation protocols throughout a hospital and patient fear can be in the millions of dollars.

Our NexusPod™ Clinics and other mobile support rapid deployment buildings provide hospitals the ability to treat potential Ebola patients without running the risk of exposing other patients or staff and without the potential contamination of the main hospital facilities.

The Hospitals or local government can store these resources almost indefinitely in a parking lot or storage facility. They can be deployed in minuets and provided any and all resources or technology to protect the local community while still providing the best possible healthcare services.

When an event is over the NexusPod’s™ can be completely sanitized and restored for future use. NexusPod™ Clinic is a resource that needs to be in the inventory of most every hospital in the world.


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