EMAG KnowledgeNet™ empowering the R+Way: One of the world’s greatest forces for truly sustainable BoP economic and social development, sustainably relieving poverty.

EMAG KnowledgeNet™ is our advanced information and communication technology network that employs the latest communication, spatial and cognitive systems on behalf of our clients, partners and stakeholders.  Because at EMAG we believe innovation is about sharing and lifting all the boats in the harbor we also offer this network as a public service to the wider humanitarian community.

The potential impact of our advanced information, geospatial and knowledge based systems on the BoP and beyond is unlimited. Just as cellular technologies allowed many in the developing and emerging market world leap over the many generations of communication technology evolution, so it is with EMAG’s advanced information and knowledge based systems. This becomes a quantum gain when our network is integrated into social media and cloud systems It will exponentially empower new economic activity and sustain and advance humanitarian initiatives globally.

These same systems that are empowering people at the BoP and energizing economic activity will through the EMAG R+Way drive improved market gains, revenues and efficiencies for our civil society and public sector clients. This clear client advantage will enable the capturing of a portion of scaled transaction revenues to help sustain, promote and make more impactful their humanitarian efforts.

Our KnowledgeNet™ information environments will deliver actionable knowledge and new content with local input directly to those in the developing and emerging market world. This “straight to actionable knowledge” ICT leap will empower economic opportunity and create positive social impact as never before and when captured in the R+ model the benefits will dramatically enhance and help sustain civil society and public sectors efforts to lift people out of poverty.

Information & Communication Services

We identify, capture, spatially analyze and organize data as well as create and distribute content that will advance the programs and objectives of our clients.

While we work to ensure that all information is publicly available via free and subscription services we will also produce specialized content for our clients.

Portal Services

We design and develop localized Internet portals for our clients while supporting their portal data, information and knowledge requirements with our KnowldegeNet™ systems. Additionally, we identify and secure advertising and other web based market opportunities that will advance our client’s interests and help sustains their efforts.

EMAG Global Awareness Center (EMAG GAC)

Is a real-time specialized interactive news and information service where Civil Society and Public Sector Institutions as well as local media can post video and written content about their programs, warnings, major events, disaster response and calls for direct support.

The GAC will also map humanitarian programs, participants and their impact on local communities. The GAC will connect the global community to local project portals so local efforts can be supported directly by the public.

  • Global News Feed
  • Interactive Reporting and Event Tracking
  • Humanitarian Initiative Map
  • Economic Opportunity Initiatives Map

EMAG Connect

Is a platform for Private, Civil Society and Public sectors to engage and identify opportunities that can benefit all. It is also a tool connect individuals with companies, organizations and institutions that may need their services. We work with individuals that have local expertise and connect them to those companies or institutions that are in need of their services.

  • One-On-One Humanitarian Forum
  • Consulting Support Services
  • Business Opportunity Outreach

Disaster Response & Support Center:

  • Daily Report
  • Need Request
  • NGO’s on location list

Donation Center:

  • Needs Map
  • Disaster Need Map
  • Civil Society Profile list

New Product Announcement (Free)

  • List Purchase

Subscription Services

EMAG Market Access Connect:

  • Market and Opportunity News
  • EMAG Data and Custom Information Products
  • Specialized/New Content Development
  • EMAG Preferred Global & Local Portals Access
  • Product Sales and Marketing Services
  • Developing World Consultant Support Network

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