We specialize in creating unique engagements, strategic-sharing models, and employing EMAG R+™ on behalf of our clients.

We provide highly specialized developing world and emerging market-focused strategy-through-execution services for our private, public and civil society sector clients. Our experienced staff, combined with our global network, allows us to provide to you or your organization greater access to the developing world, whatever the size of your organization.

We build collaborations and partnerships, as needed with our private, public and civil society sector clients, often bridging their cultural gaps while aligning their interests. We also work with private sector and humanitarian entrepreneurs worldwide to identify technology, new products, applications, new content or any new idea that may bring value to the BoP through EMAG R+™.

We utilize the world’s most advanced information capabilities to find and link commercial value propositions to humanitarian programs to help sustain them. For us the utilization of advanced information networks that can capture, integrate and monetize disparate data, utilizing it geospatially to engage the BoP is core to what we do.

We see opportunities to utilize advanced information networks to organize disparate data, create new content, and enable unique private, public and civil society sector connections. Leveraging information systems as part of a social media function will empower all those in the developing world but most of all the individual at the BoP to more quickly become part of the emerging market global economy.

While we are not an NGO or public sector organization, we collaborate with them, multilaterals and the civil society sector to see how best we can support their needs with reoccurring private sector revenues. Our unique competency is in the working with the private sector to find commercial value that can be shared with humanitarian programs. Our understanding of the BoP from both the private sector and humanitarian perspectives allows us to align value propositions in ways not previously achieved.

Our clients can depend on us for knowledgeable, multi-disciplinary experts. Experts who operate globally, learning and sharing what works well, and what doesn’t. Our experts use consistent and proven global methodologies and tools, and draw on the full breadth of our global reach, capabilities and experience to help our clients, wherever they are in the world.

With Unique Shared Valued Insights Into:

We understand the BoP and that the 4 billion plus people said to be captured therein is not a monolith. We know the BoP is not a single homogeneous “mass market” and it is as diverse as the individuals found therein. We created R+ to bring about new forms of collaboration and shared-value engagement that are inherently adaptive and varied in nature to serve the needs of those at the BOP and for the private sector to reach the “next billion”.

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