EMAG R+™ is the merging of Private, Civil Society and Public Sector interests


The EMAG R+™ Way unites and leverages private, public and civil society interests with, local community initiatives, global issues and networks to create effective partnerships, new markets, increased revenues and sustainable social impact in the developing and emerging markets.

Through EMAG R+™ we work to capture new markets and drive sustainable social impact, to enable business growth in markets that cover two thirds of the world’s population, while creating economic opportunity and better standards of living for the poor in the process. The broad application of the EMAG R+™ Way is establishing a new economic ecosystem that will change the lives of billions of people.

Why we have to think out of the box

We’re living in an era of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Globally we have entered into a period of secular stagnation. We can see evidence of stagnation all around the developed world, more than twenty years of constant deficit spending and public-sector debt growth have finally led to a situation where debt service and entitlements are crowding out the government’s general budget. Through the recent severe global recession, donor and government aid income has fallen and as developed economies struggle to save themselves in the search for growth, the BOP and the next million get left further behind. Even the initially highly touted emerging market growth has faltered on the existing flawed business model. While recent progress that has lifted millions of people out of extreme poverty, more than 1 billion people still live on less than US $1 per day and another 4.5 billion people live on $5 or less a day. A generation of young adults in developed and developing countries alike are confronting structural unemployment with a projected global shortfall of 2.2 billion jobs. Vulnerable populations like the disabled, refugees, and women in many parts of the world earn just enough to escape poverty, but are struggling to make ends meet.

Developing and emerging market opportunities will be best seized by taking anew, unique and disruptive approach to solving these economic and humanitarian challenges including the creation of new business opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) and beyond.

EMAG R+™ is a sustainable way to solve these global challenges by empowering citizens while embracing enterprise, cross sector partnership and socio economic empowerment.

Current approaches to addressing these huge problems are failing. The model of how we work today reflects a broken, segmented and siloed approach by each sector; private, public and civil. A self-limiting donor based dependency model tinged with scattered corporate social responsibility projects. It’s clear that many people including sector professionals fail to see the real problem and don’t see how things across sectors are related. They miss the counter position between problem and opportunity, something that is obvious to the EMAG team and central to the R+™ Way. We know that these challenges also present tremendous opportunities.

EMAG R+™ is the model of how things have to be in the future if systemic change is to happen.

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